What now for Kennally Care, as Hunt slams on the brakes?

Posted By on 24th January 2018

24th January 2018 By Graham Smith The government has decided to pause its roll-out of Accountable Care, after MPs voiced “a great deal of concern” about the plans – which…

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  2. Having just received a ‘webinar’ from the TUC, It is clear that there is a difference between an ACS which does not imply a ‘Contract’ and the Government plans to turnthem into ‘Contracts'(/ACO’s as above). That SHOULD be strongly resisted. The CC panel was looking at 6 different models to bring already fragmented providers together for an ACS- I dont think MS Kennally was at ‘the top’ of all these.

  3. How wil Kennally Care be beneficial for those of us in East Cornwall. Cornish services are based around Truro whereas we use Derriford and Barnstaple. Keep the National in NHS!

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