Cornwall Council will not debate Kennally Care until after it has happened

Posted By on 23rd January 2018

23rd January 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council can go ahead and take over commissioning for the National Health Service on 1st April without a full council debate, the Liberal…

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  1. I realise we have to trust the decisions made on our behalf made by our councillors, but not to fully debate this and to just accept it as the correct way forward for our healthcare has not been explained or described or made clear to the Cornish population. To debate complex contracts after they have been signed off ‘after the horse has bolted’ is hugely retrograde. To a lay member of the public this all appears to be an almighty rush to get the thing accepted, but no reason has been given for the tight schedule. If it is a requirement of Central government, then please let us know.

  2. The prospect of CC taking over the running of
    Cornwall’s Health and Social Care system is alarming. ACO’s in theory, in areas with a stable community that has adequate infrastructure seem to be an ideal method of managing health & social care. Not only don’t we have the infrastructure, the population increases massively every year and good will and cooperation, two vital factors, don’t exist. Handing it over to a large American contractor would be the obvious choice. God help us.

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