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Review of Cornwall's local news media

(cover pic: Gerry Wood)

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The National Health Service in Cornwall will become an Accountable Care Organisation in:
34Days 08Hours 31Minutes 21Seconds

Citizens Advice gets the money, as council’s cabinet climbs down on budget cut

A timetable for the resumption of tin mining at South Crofty

 36 councillors facing tears before bed-time

It’s up to you, government tells Cornwall, as councillors freed to increase local taxes

 The clock is ticking – is Cornwall’s Wave Hub in danger of disappearing down the Brexit plug-hole?

Market researchers What Cornwall Thinks have launched a new app for iPhone and Android.

What Cornwall Thinks, part of PFA Research, maintains an online panel to test and research opinion useful to the business and political communities.

Businesses and organisations can place their own questions into the regular surveys. Recent research shed new insights into the growth of Cornwall’s creative sector.