Cornwall Council will be allowed to debate health and social care cuts – but not until after elections

Posted By on 24th January 2017

24th January 2017
By Graham Smith

Cornwall Council will be able to debate the proposed £264 million health service cuts – but not until after the May local elections.

Council leader John Pollard told councillors this morning (Tuesday) that it was premature to reject the Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) as there was “a clear and transparent” process which would eventually bring a final set of recommendations before the council.

He said the timetable was not yet finalised but thought it would be about six months, but promised that eventually the council would have a debate on the “full business case” for health and social care reforms.

Penzance councillor Cornelius Olivier (Labour) said it was essential that the full council should be able to vote against the STP if a majority felt its recommendations – which are 


widely expected to include the possible closure of some community hospitals – were against Cornwall’s interests.

“The council needs to take a position on this sooner rather than later,” said Mr Olivier.

The appointment of the council’s chief executive, Kate Kennally, to chair the STP has led some to question who authorised her role, and led to concern that the council might become prejudiced to accept the STP’s final recommendations.