Cornwall councillors still in the dark about “Kennally Care” and plans for NHS takeover

Posted By on 15th December 2017

15th December 2017 By Graham Smith The first of the “Inquiry Panel” hearings to look into Cornwall Council’s plans to take over the NHS is due to meet at County…

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  1. Once again the small cabal off officers and cabinet members are trying to keep the other 110 members in the dark. Democracy what democracy? Give the electorate a referendum then you will find out who wants to privatise the NHS

  2. Accountable Care Organisations might work in a large urban conglomerate like Manchester where centralising services is possible. In a rural environment like Cornwall, there is a very different demographic and centralising services could be catastrophic. And why the haste to move to an Accountable Care Partnership? Are such Partnerships statutory bodies? Who will be accountable? Too many questions unanswered on a crucial public service that affects everyone in Cornwall.

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