No decision yet on whether County Hall can spend Covid-19 cash on Truro stadium

Posted By on 20th July 2020

By Julia Penhaligon It is still far from clear if Cornwall Council will be allowed to use any of its £14.3 Covid-recovery cash to build a Truro stadium, after the…

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  1. None of this money should be spent on this useless project. It is a complete waste of tax payers money. There are far better and far more important projects that are needed in Kernow. If this sort of thing is needed in Kernow, then it should be built in the center of our Duchy, not on the road to the main and only hospital that we have. There only needs to be one very serious accident on that main road, and Trelisk hospital would be closed down for days. Perhaps the people pushing for this would like to see that happen? Or are they so closed in to their own imaginary world that the real world does not enter their thick brains. This is public money these people wish to squander.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. The very fact this is being considered is surely a mis-appropriation of our taxes.
    The Stadium, Newquay airport, the Space port, Langarth Garden village, all gobble up our money, then we have up to 200 job losses at Eden. Something not right here, Leadership, what leadership!

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