Government to offer Cornwall “debt write-off” worth millions if council agrees to NHS takeover

Posted By on 10th December 2017

10th December 2017 By Graham Smith Councillors are preparing to launch a “charm offensive” in a bid to win the battle for hearts and minds over the future of Cornwall’s…

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  3. I had to really read this article several times to make sure I was ‘getting it’ properly. Yep I was, loads of councillors basically saying that they haven’t got a clue what’s going on or what ACOs really are. They were basically sleepwalking into this until the public made a LOT of noise. We need to make more, much more.

  4. And what happens when Kate Kennally has sold us all down the river, she’ll just move on to the next overpaid job and leave the rest of us to it! No thanks, we’ve seen enough of that over the past few years.

  5. Is this the same council that wrote and told me it does not matter if you break the law providing you do not know about it? How can they claim the NHS is safe in their hands?

  6. These are the same councillors who walked blindly into the disasterous BT contract. They are certainly not competent to run health.

  7. How can Cornwall Councillors run our health provision and make crucial decisions on Community Hospitals? This is an impossible ask and a heavy responsibility on the shoulders of inexperienced representatives. They will have to finance consultants – and there lies the rub. I suspect Central Government has offloaded a huge problem onto a local body in the name of Devolution. I hope that Cornwall Council has very strong shoulders!

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