The “not fit for purpose” verdict comes back to haunt Cornwall Council’s ambition for NHS takeover

Posted By on 3rd December 2017

3rd December 2017 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council’s plans to run large parts of the National Health Service could be derailed by the council’s own assessment of those plans, in…

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  3. The only positive that sticks out by a mile is that there will no longer be the horse trading of who pays for what in dividing up the proportions of health/social care costs. With all the money in one pot then people will simply have a “care” budget.

    Can Cornwall Council make it work? Unlikely, but I am happy to be proved wrong.

  4. Not sure I am best qualified to have a worthwhile view on how to run Cornwalls NHS. Something I fear may be shared by Ms Kate K, Rob R and Cornwall Council in general. They have had years of experience in education.and results are on the wrong side of average. Cout me among the unconvinced? 

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  6. How will this privatisation affect those living west if the Tamar who need to use NHS services including Derriford?

  7. I ask the question – what qualifications does Cornwall Council have to take over the health care of our county? Healthcare is complex and intricate. Good decision making can only be made by clinical professionals and patients. To leave this in the hands of 6 councillors with presumably no background and of a rather unbalanced political persuasion is, to my mind, a disaster waiting to happen. Social care has suffered grievously since a virtual hand over to the private sector and now health care is to follow. I appreciate government policy is to hand over as much as possible to the private sector but that Cornwall should be in the vanguard of this is unpalatable.

  8. On one hand, I welcome the transfer of power and funds to democratic control and wholly within Cornwall. On the other, an involvement of private companies can be dangerous and can leave a large liabilities in the future.
    I would suggest that Cornwall Council should NOT be allowed to enter into any contracts that run beyond its term in office (plus say 6-12 months to allow for change over period) to prevent an administration to lumber future administrations with debts and commitments future administrations may not want or support.

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