Details start to emerge of what the “bonfire of planning controls” might mean for Cornwall

Posted By on 21st August 2020

By Anne North Cornwall and Devon will be expected to build an additional 1,040 homes per year, on top of their existing target of 11,067, as a result of the…

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  1. Sadly this will be disastrous for our beloved and unique county. It will only add to the already overload infrastructure. Oh for a Trelawny or a Penhaligan to stand up for Cornwall.

  2. Yes, HMG think that they can sweep us Kernewek aside. BUT, the useless plastic property builders are in for some very nasty shocks in this country. They know nothing about our four to five thousand year history of mining. Mostly deep mining, for all sorts of metals. No one knows where these mines are. Most of them are not recorded. There is nowhere in Kernow that there is not deep mine shafts. Is someone going to pay to have the whole of Kernow tested for deep mine shafts in every area of our country. Who is going to pay the huge compensation that will have to be paid to the people who will actually, buy or live in these plastic properties?? When they have to be demolished?
    Elizabeth Hawken

  3. I would like to know how these changes will affect local Neighbourhood Plans. My parish has spent over 5 years consulting everybody and making a robust NP based on what locals want combined with national guidelines. NPs were meant to be the driving force for considerate house building (amidst other policies). Where to now? More years of consultation or are we – the residents of Cornwall – going to be swept aside?

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