The Cornwall Reports Hall of Fame

Huge thanks to those who contributed to the Crowdfunding campaign, and/or made direct donations via the Cornwall Reports Pay Pal button on the front page.  These people will be the founding subscribers, who pledged their backing to independent journalism and helped give birth to a new way of doing local news.  A few anonymous donors will need to get in touch if they wish to receive their subscriptions once the paywall comes into effect on 1st February 2017.  Because of differences between "online handles" and banking names, some folk might be named twice - if so, please get in touch and we'll put it right, with your preferred description.

Proposals will be circulated before the end of March for developing an Editorial Advisory Panel.

If you think your name should be here, please contact



Kevin Armes

Candy Atherton

Steve Baldwin

Ian Barnes

Nicola Barnes

Joy Bassett

Jane Callaghan

John Callaghan

Jackie Carpenter

Kate Chiswell

Jason Clark

Peter Collis

Kim Cooper

Derek Cox

Roger Creagh-Osborne

Bob Davidson

Chris Dayus

Excess Energy Communications

Mrs A. Fanstone

Fieldpower Ltd

Paul Ford

John Francis

Andrew George

Mavis Gilbert

Tim Gopsill

Steve Hardy

Adam Harris

Dominic Heale

Hemmick Services Ltd

Brad Higgins

Mike Jarvis

Loveday Jenkin

Paul Johnson

Adrian Jones

Michael Kennedy

Phil Kerridge

Penny Kirkman

Rachel Lyes

Roy Mackenzie

Scott Mann

Matthi Ab Dewi

Martin Menear


Karen McHugh

Colin Milroy

Oscar Morse

James Mustoe

Leanne Salvadori Paleotti

Hannah Partington

Francis Richens

Jude Robinson

Stuart Roden

Brod Ross

Jeremy Rowe

Louvain Sanders

Kevin Smith

Julian Smith

Paul Sousek

Lindsay Southcombe

Triple Strength

Jackie Trelay

Charles Tremayne

Dulcie Tudor

Bob Turner

Carol Weaver

Frank Westcott

Chris Young