At the stroke of an accountant’s pen, and with no debate, Cornwall’s Wave Hub gets an extra five years

Posted By on 14th January 2019

By Julia Penhaligon Cornwall’s Wave Hub has been given a five-year reprieve, despite generating no electricity and having no revenue prospects for the foreseeable future. With a deadline for a…

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  1. Oh yes, apparently we are going to become a world leader in offshore wind energy production. A world leader in satellite launches and a world leader in wave energy. Did you see that pink porky thing fly by?

  2. If they spend the decommissioning costs are used for the upkeep, who will pay for the this to happen when it is required?

  3. “The transfer was subsequently reclassified as a transfer of function in accordance with specific provisions in the public sector.”
    Interesting. This classification is normally used for specific staff transfers not plant and equipment projects.

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