Cornwall’s Wave Hub: £42 million down the drain?

Posted By on 16th May 2018

16th May 2018 By Richard Whitehouse With hindsight, Cornwall’s Wave Hub “probably” would not have received £42 million in public funds, the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership…

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  1. Surely this is failure of central government to put funds into R and D for marine renewables. Instead they support fracking and totally over-ride the rights and opinions of local people in the north of England. Their funders are from the fossil fuel industry not the renewable sector. I would have thought the LEP and Cornwall Councilshould be supporting the hub instead of being negative and derogatory.

  2. Is not the £42/3 million the figure put into the project by ERDF?

    With other funds coming from SWRDA, Cornwall Council and the government, I would not be surprised if the waste was very significantly higher than this. When setting up a business, the first thing to cover off is research. It seems like to little attention was given to this with Wavehub.

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