“They are trying to treat us like mushrooms,” complains councillor, as the battle for Covid-19 information intensifies

Posted By on 23rd September 2020

By Anne North Cornwall councillors have fired the first shots – at their own County Hall officials - in what could become a fascinating tussle for access to Covid-19 information.…

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  1. When will the people of Kernow wake up to the facts that someone in county hall has secretly employed and brought down from the swamp their evil chums. This is the way the swamp treat our MPs they think that with this Unitary council they can do the same here. We need to stand up to them and tell them to go back to London, where anything seems to be permitted. We will not put up with this bad behaviour here in Kernow. These people are un elected paid EMPLOYEES. They have to take orders from Elected councillors.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. Secrecy is a threat to democracy and I am glad some councillors are challenging this approach. I am particularly surprised that the Liberal Democrats are allowing this way of working.

    Who to vote for next year will be a quandary. I hate not to vote but in Cornwall you wonder if there is any point.

  3. Thank you for this article. As a concerned member of the public, I have been trying to obtain information on the massive spike in the Rame Peninsula, which is clearly linked to the HMS Raleigh naval base. After a morning of phone calls, I have been given the runaround by the Council and by PHE, and no one will provide any information on this situation. I am a resident of east Cornwall and am forced to use the Derriford in Plymouth for urgent health care, so the situation near the naval base concerns all of us in the Tamar Valley. Not a sausage in the news. The secrecy around these issues is shameful.

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