Revealed: the cost of Covid-19, as County Hall publishes a list of “major decisions” taken under emergency powers

Posted By on 10th June 2020

By Graham Smith Cornwall Council has made more than 50 “major decisions” since the Covid-19 lockdown started three months ago, without any public scrutiny, official County Hall papers reveal. The…

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  1. This is a disgrace, meetings about anything, with any members of the cabinet could and should be taking place in the huge council chamber, and be web cast so that any Kernewek tax payer could see what was being done in their names, by our swamp.
    Whether what they have done is good or bad is not the point. The fact is they are doing it behind closed doors so that the public have no idea as to what is actually going on in their name.
    It looks to me that there are people in CC who wish to take us back to the thuggery of the 1950s and 60s. And, using this pandemic as an excuse for themselves.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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