Out of Cornwall’s 565,000 population, only 328 people bothered to respond to council’s consultation about proposed “carbon neutral” planning rules

Posted By on 16th July 2020

By Richard Whitehouse Cornwall councillors have questioned whether consultations are being carried out in the best way after only 328 responses were received over major planning changes. The council is…

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  1. This is a shocking indictment of Cornwall Council really, not the public. Instead of engaging people the CC has decided that it always knows best. When the local population DO respond to the CC i.e. when they say “that new building development is strongly opposed” CC ignores them. Cornwall Reports shows a story about CC further down the pages which states “Cornwall council’s local lockdown bosses hold their first meeting………in secret.” 🙂 Local democracy in action eh?…. I think Cornwall will be looking at a new Council next year. If the current councillors can’t see what they are doing wrong then they should not be surprised when the public won’t engage with their surveys. What’s the point? Unless they use the results so that they can do the opposite!
    Bill Harrison

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