Mid Cornwall Metro: did we mention this is an election year?

Posted By on 29th March 2024

The boys are back in town: Transport Secretary Mark Harper joins St Austell and Newquay MP Steve Double on the £60 million Mid Cornwall Metro campaign trail, looking for votes (er, shouldn’t they be looking for theoretical passengers? – Ed)

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  1. So Mark Harper is actually grimacing because he knows this was the lot that deceived him over endangerment of 2500 people at the 9th January 2023 fakeport party and the 450 tonnes of explosive aerosols in Hangar 404, that could have vapourised all Virgin Orbit staff.

    All the other piglets in the taxpayers trough, are smiling because of the huge swag they steal off the taxpayer every year, with absolutely no CV to to even be in office. The Cornish electorate will wipe those smiles off their little piglet in taxpayers trough faces in the next 12 months……

  2. Are they aware of ex Councillor Biscoes ”Mainstreet Truro” fantasy that would really set this scheme on fire?

    If nothing else the ”Mainstreet” stunt would add a really satisfying layer of extra costs onto the project which would send Cormac into raptures

    This Kremlin inspired stunt is bound to end badly as usual as the rest of us wait with bated breath for the council tax bill to drop through the letterbox to pay for it.

    The tragedy being that if the semi comatose Councillor Cole were to eat his porridge and put some fire in his belly he could unseat Double Standards and stoke the political earthquake that is about to occur.

    • There’s no obvious reason why they should screw this up. It involves tweaking existing rail infrastructure, as was done earlier on the Falmouth-Truro line, and has been done up the line to Okehampton. In both cases, these GWR operated lines have been serious successes. Improving public transport links for something like 10% of the Cornish population makes sense. If the Council mess this up they should be shot.

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