Fever Pitch: persuaders turn up the volume as the Stadium for Cornwall debate gets close to the line

Posted By on 16th February 2018

16th February 2018 By Anne North The campaign to persuade Cornwall councillors that they must contribute £6 million of taxpayers’ money towards a privately-owned sports stadium is reaching fever pitch,…

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  2. For heaven’s sake – the clock is ticking for a lot of things far more crucial than a sports’ stadium. I have no problems with a stadium as long as it doesn’t involve public money, is built on a brownfield site, is near a railway station and the local population are happy with it. None of these apply to a stadium at Langarth. No doubt those of us against it will be branded as miserable kill joys who are depriving young people of their future and ruining our local sports facilities but, in fact, that ship sailed a long time ago and was not us that are responsible.

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