EXCLUSIVE: Cornwall’s secret plan to raise more than £11 million by selling hospitals – building 206 houses instead

Posted By on 8th February 2019

By Graham Smith The sale of Cornwall’s community health facilities is expected to bag £11.17 million, according to NHS England.  The sites will be used to build 206 houses. The…

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  1. So the properties and their environs are to be sold. £11.6 millions gross is received. Cornwall Council receives £11.17 millions net and is then able to build 206 houses at a total cost of £54,223 for each dwelling. Land and build costs of £54,223 for each dwelling? Where in Cornwall are they going to be able to “articulate” this?

  2. Closing hospitals is an utter disgrace. Our population goes up but the civil servants wish to get rid of hospitals which the public need as a convenience near to where they live, and not have to travel fifteen, twenty or more miles to get to a hospital. Are these people trying to kill all the real people off, so as their rich chums can have even more holiday homes.

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