Cornwall Council wants to cut another £98 million by 2023

Posted By on 28th September 2018

28th September 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall Council’s ruling Liberal Democrat-Independent administration is aiming to slash a further £98 million from its budget by 2022/23.  Although today's announcement makes no…

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  1. The budget continues the County Hall strategy of aiming for “self-sufficiency” by April 2022, with core-funding becoming increasingly dependent on profits from private market activity.
    So Cornwall Council is intending to attain income from their assorted enterprises … but, of course, can rely on their tax payers and/or even more borrowed money to bail them out as necessary. I’m sure that a newly created ssistant to the Cornwall Council CEO can monitor this closely and that we shall all reap the rewards of all of the current and impending projects.

  2. I have no objection to paying more council tax (apart from the fact that central govt should not be cutting grants to local authorities just because they saw fit to bail out the financial sector!) Howevet, I want it to go to core services NOT the stadium and certainly not to the spaceport to further Branson’s ambitions!!

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