Cornwall’s hot rocks test drilling suspended while scientists investigate earthquakes

Posted By on 1st October 2020

By Peter Tremayne Test drilling at the United Downs “hot rocks” project has been suspended while engineers investigate a number of minor earthquakes. The tremors were within regulatory limits but…

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  1. The British government has just passed a low outlawing all FRACKING from this week, for ever. It is now illegal in the UK.
    Is it not so, that this HOT ROCKS project is exactly the same as Fracking.? And it seems just as dangerous. It should be obvious to these so called educated people that the only way that the planet has hot rocks is because the rocks beneath have cracks in them so as the heat comes up through them. If rocks are cracked, then they will move. The whole planet is moving at all times. Educate yourselves.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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