Where there’s muck there’s brass – the cost of emptying Cornwall’s dustbins is about to increase by £62 million

Posted By on 3rd September 2019

By Peter Tremayne The cost of emptying Cornwall’s dustbins is about to go up.  Council officials tasked with negotiating a new 10-year waste collection contract are asking for an eye-watering…

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  1. What proportion of this increased cost is down to the Cornwall Energy Recovery Centre? Is this supposedly privately (subsidised) built (by Vinci) and operated (by Suez) plant now producing energy for 21,000 homes a year, as forecast, that is meant to be alleviating waste disposal and earning money for Cornwall Council. I understand that the electricity generation ceased operating in June 2018. Is this plant now operating at 100% production efficiency, i.e. 247,000 tonnes of waste a year which might otherwise have been sent to landfill?

  2. The council should consider that all new residential developments have areas for refuse collection and do away with door step collection.
    This method works very well on the continent where all house holds drop of the waste / recycling to designated refuse points.
    This also reduces the need to store waste at home. On all of our developments we have utilised this method and the waste collection takes 10 minutes on a 74 residential housing development
    People also get exercise walking to the bins


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