Truro New Town – have your say next week

Posted By on 24th February 2020

By Peter Tremayne Plans for a Truro New Town will go on show next week.  The project could eventually see the construction of 4,000 new homes. Cornwall Council is holding…

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  1. Councillor Egerton is now finally publicly admitting so many things, probably through extreme frustration, and as we keep reminding him, because he doesn’t truly believe in it (Langarth) himself, including;
    1- Total mess
    2- Expensive one
    3- Massive vested interests
    4- Land deals are complicated…
    5-… and very expensive to the taxpayer
    6- The stadium which they tried to make the whole Langarth vote about, is still far from certain (how ironic and many times did we wave that red flag?!)
    7- It’s become his baby, and presumably his legacy
    8- Inox and backers are far from clean
    Among others…
    And Councillor Tudor’s response to you, especially in the context of your recent skirmishes, is absolutely astounding and shocking.
    In light of the growing unpopularity of the Langarth development, is she now finally realising the potential political fallout which will include her name (rolling political head) at the top, and thus trying to distance herself from this and Councillor Egerton, as well as giving herself some room to manoeuvre a late U-turn?
    Her words are rather disingenuous however, because as ward councillor for this mess and now chair of strategic planning, it has been her job for at least 2 years to know all this herself, whether via Councillor Egerton or not. In addition to which, you, me and countless others have been detailing all these seedy goings on for at least this length of time.
    Are the rats leaving the ship?
    Is Langarth getting its first coffin nail?
    Is the tide turning?
    Will the council finally cut its losses – and ours – and let Saltmarsh sink in his own sewage?
    Has Betty bailed out with his £2m too fast with the dirty job unfinished?
    The saga rolls on but this exchange between you,Councillor Egerton and Councillor Tudor gives me hope, the first for a long, long time that this project may finally be unravelling…
    If Phil Mason thought Threemilestone was a mess in 2017, God help Threemilestone – and Truro – residents in 2025 when they have another town bigger than Chacewater, Perranporth, Blackwater and St. Agnes combined, sat practically on top of Chiverton Roundabout.
    How many times has it been stated?
    Traffic, fumes, noise, surgeries, Treliske, schools, roads, environment, affordability, climate emergency, FCPNM, police, fire services, sewerage, flooding, ambulances, etc…
    This whole scheme, apart from hanging a massive financial millstone around generations of future Cornish families, will completely destroy any semblance of a modern, healthy and peaceful community that were once prevalent all around Langarth. More like another upcountry urban hell…

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