The Kennally Care project to restructure Cornwall’s health service approaches a “gateway” – with lawyers and politicians in close attendance

Posted By on 8th October 2018

8th October 2018 By Graham Smith Cornwall’s health and social care chiefs are preparing to pass through the first of their self-defined “gateways” to embrace a radical restructure of the…

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  1. Whilst I am probably light years away from the author’s political persuasion, I am very concerned, as he is, by the ongoing developments re the NHS in Cornwall. The author states the following:
    “This is because “healthcare providers” would not be paid per treatment, but by a ‘Whole Population Annual Payment’ – a set amount for the provision of named services during a defined period. This, it is argued, unlawfully shifts the risk of there being an underestimate of patient numbers from the commissioner to the provider, and endangers service standards.”
    I have immense concern at the vision of Cornwall Council and the NHS evolving into the equivalent of the currently disgraceful privatised railway “services” that, supposed, “work” in tandem with Government.
    More should be heard from the Cornwall County Councillors in this most important matter of safeguarding the population of Cornwall.

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