Tamar Bridge tolls set for 33% increase

Posted By on 18th December 2018

By Richard Whitehouse Tamar Bridge tolls need to increase to prevent a repeat of disaster in Italy which saw a major bridge collapse, killing 43 people, Cornwall Council’s cabinet heard…

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  1. It is now free to cross the Severn into Wales. Why are we being discriminated against? It is time the Highways Agency took over the bridge and made it free to cross! We are being held to ransom by a few people who live around Torpoint!

  2. How sad and great pity we cannot have a confidence vote in C.C. There is the Seven Bridge don’t away with toll and C.C raise the toll by 33%. Better go be Oakhampton then.!

  3. Trying to link the hike in tolls to the collapse in Italy is just scurrilous fear-mongering to attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

    Inflation since 2010 is 22% compounded, not 33%

    What is the benefit to Cornwall and Plymouth of “owning” the bridge. It may be that in 1961 the tolls which replaced the ferry tolls provided a nice little earner for the councils. Residents were assured that once the capital loans were paid off the tolls would be removed. The capital was repaid by the early 2000’s when we were told that the tolls had to stay and go up to pay for the widening. Then they went up again and charges were introduced for having a tag – which we had been promised when they were introduced would not happen.

    The A38 is part of the trunk road network, if DfT can afford to build a second Severn crossing and then remove tolls from both in less time than the Tamar bridge has been open then it seems to me that the sooner we offload the bridge onto DfT where it belongs the better.

  4. So the M4 bridge crossing go free while the Tamar Crossing goes up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was told that The Duchy owned the crossings

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