Sarah Newton: “I am a passionate supporter of our parliamentary democracy and I will continue to do everything that I can to protect and promote it”

Posted By on 29th August 2019

By Graham Smith Truro and Falmouth’s Conservative MP Sarah Newton has indicated that she could rebel against the government when the House of Commons returns from its summer recess next…

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  1. Sarah is apparently giving Johnson/Cummings the benefit of the doubt. They are clearly working on the assumption that Tory dissidents like Sarah can be strung along for a few more weeks until it is too late for her and the others to inflict any serious damage to the hard Brexit position. I don’t like the way yesterday’s statement from her gave so much space to Johnson’s arguments – and she parroted their arguments that the proroguing wont make much difference to debating time. She ignores the fact that parliament could have voted not to break for the conference season.
    I’ve written to her saying that history will be very unkind to her if we ultimately drift into a no-deal Brexit because dissidents like her did not fight back early enough.
    I hope you – Cornwall Reports – will keep a close watch on how she performs next week,which is the crunch one

  2. Time for the Conservative Association of Truro and Falmouth, to select someone who respects the referendum. The will of the people is to leave the EU. As a Conservative I along with lots of other Conservative’s won’t be voting for Mrs Newton if she is selected for the next election. Time for her to go, the sooner the better.

    • Ian: her voters went for Remain. It’s you who are out of touch with local reality. Kick her out for a hard line Brexiter, you will merely increase the likelihood that the constituency will go Labour or LibDem

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