Upgrade for Saltash railway station

Posted By on 30th July 2018

30th July 2018 By Richard Whitehouse Permission has been granted for plans to see some buildings part demolished and the conservation and refurbishment of station buildings. The new station will…

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  1. Actually didn’t the town council originally buy it from Network Rail when they sold it in the 1990’s. The council then sold it to a developer (you might like to look at the numbers and see who made a profit) who sat on it and sold it on. Eventually last year after very much debate and attempts to partner with various developers the council bit the bullet and bought back what they sold 15 years ago. Again you might like to look at the numbers and see how much having it stand empty and decaying all this time has cost – possibly it is a good deal financially thanks to inflation?
    At last the eyesore will come back into use, largely thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of one particular councillor and this is indeed a cause for celebration.
    Now we just need some more trains to stop to fill in the gaps in the timetable, and network rail to correct their mistake of 30 years ago when they re-laid the track too high, causing a gap between train and platform.

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