Police turn away Covid Tier 4 holidaymakers on the Isles of Scilly – but virus refugees continue to arrive at Newquay

Posted By on 25th December 2020

By Peter Tremayne Police on the Isles of Scilly have turned away five would-be holidaymakers who had travelled to St Mary’s on Christmas Eve.  The five had come from a…

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with some of the earlier comments, most of our problems stem from a useless Council. Why not start a full blown investigation into their complete lack of support for the every day local people instead of spending our taxes on grandiose schemes we neither need or want. Their salaries should also be published so that the average wage earner can understand how little these highly paid officers actually think of them!

  2. Do not blame the over worked police please.
    It is our useless Cornwall council which we should blame. The useless people who have come here from the Westminster Swamp, and taken our local CC jobs should not have allowed the public part of the military air port to let in planes from places like London, to let in their chums. Also why have the only two main roads these people will know about not been closed to none local people?
    No answers will be forth coming.

  3. Cornwall is no longer in tier 1 because our police force cannot be bothered to enforce tier 4 visitor restrictions here. Time to send them home and give us the same protection as Scilly Islanders. The time has come to reinstate a Cornwall Police Force.
    St Mawgan is NOT an entry port for Londoners.

    • Don’t forget – the police can only enforce the law as it stands. The Regulations are badly draughted, and the physical facts of Newquay Airport make returning new arrivals whence they came very problematic. But you’re right – we need our own police force – Kreslu Kernow / Police Cornwall – enforcing our own laws.

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