Panto season arrives early at the Palace of Westminster, as five of Cornwall’s MPs support the end of “virtual” voting

Posted By on 3rd June 2020

By Anne North Five of Cornwall’s six MPs voted in favour of yesterday’s “procedure” measure which will force them to vote in person, rather than virtually. St Ives MP Derek…

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  1. I can see both sides to this argument. Firstly all MPs should be made to have a very strict dress code for both male and female MPs. Some of the things I have seen on Parliament TV would get normal staff the sack.
    Second, Rees-Mog is correct, as is the speaker, they both realize that if MPs are not in London then the swamp can do what ever it likes and get away with it. Because if the MPs are not on the ground then they do not get to know what is actually going on in their names. Which is happening. The death toll in care homes is a very good example. CC swamp is doing the same thing to us here in Kernow. I can also understand if people are unwell then that is different. Otherwise It has to stop.
    Elizabeth Hawken

    • Sheryll Murray, Scott Mann, Steve Double, Cherilyn Macrory and George Eustice are all recorded as having voted in the “Ayes” lobby, in favour of the Rees-Mogg motion. Derek Thomas was “paired” with a Labour MP and so did not need to vote.

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