MPs debate Europe’s ban on Cornwall’s live shellfish

Posted By on 9th February 2021

By Julia Penhaligon The plight of Cornwall’s shellfishing industry was raised in the House of Commons yesterday (Monday) after the European Union confirmed that – as a result of Brexit…

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  1. We helped to design the rules on these items when members of the EU and they were applied to 3rd countries. We are now such a country so the rules we helped design now apply to us.

  2. Why has HMG not given the fishermen money so as they can have enough tanks to do the cleaning of the shell fish? then this product could be sold all over the planet, instead of wasting money on a useless space port.
    If the EU is going to play this game then why are we still taking in food from them that has been produced by African Slaves?
    Or should we once again blame the real villains, the Westminster civil servants, who did not wish us to be freed from under the jack boots?

    • The EU are not playing a game, when we were members our reps. will have voted for the ban on raw shell fish. We are not members any more hence the ban now applies to us as well. I agree though the myopia of both central and local officials is astounding.

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