“Insane” County Hall tells Delabole children they must pay-up – or walk to school in Camelford on Tuesday

Posted By on 30th August 2018

30th August 2018 By Anne North Campaigners are fighting a frantic last-minute battle to persuade Cornwall Council that a narrow country lane between Delabole and Camelford is not suitable for…

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  1. I just wonder if the officials in county hall have forgotten who they work for. They should work on behalf of the people of Cornwall who pay their wages. Not to go empire building
    The money Cornwall Council waste in one day would proberly pay for these children’s bus fare.

  2. And just how much is being spent by Cornwall Council on consultants and temporary staff? And how much would this transport cost? And have the people who make these decisions tried this route, on foot and in the Winter?

    We all know that money’s tight but these children are being placed in great danger by the Council’s decision and it will win them no friends.

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