Here’s one we made earlier: councillors recall how the stadium debate ended in 2012, and wonder if history is about to repeat itself

Posted By on 13th April 2018

13th April 2018 By Julia Penhaligon The final countdown to Tuesday’s County Hall vote about a Truro stadium is now well underway, with positions hardening on both sides. Councillors are…

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  2. Once again officers are displaying their arrogance they are there to advise not push their own agendas. Policy decisions particularly on public expenditure are the perogative of the elected members.

  3. I believe that the cash-flow forecasts are concocted by internal CC staff. Such forecasts would, normally, and should, be appraised, drawn up and certified by independent firms of accountants. Are the actions currently being used legal?

  4. Cllr Colin Martin – thank you for pointing out that the so called ‘business plan’ seemed to be built on shifting sands. Most of the Council are unable to see that ‘the emperor is wearing no clothes’!

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