Covid-19: West Yorkshire set to join Manchester as high-risk area with direct flights to Newquay Airport

Posted By on 30th October 2020

By Peter Tremayne Newquay Airport looks set to increase its role as a magnet for people travelling to Cornwall from Covid-19 hotspots in England when Leeds-Bradford moves to the Tier…

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  1. We need to be re opening our mines, and fishing industry These are important industries. Useless Tourism is of no use to any of us. Just so as a few people can make a lot of money by paying little or no money to over worked staff.
    We do not have to worry about the air port it can not be closed, it is a huge military base, with planes flying in and out 24 hours per day. We have to have it to keep the north west coast of the UK safe.
    Elizabeth Hawken

  2. It would be interesting to know how many people from Manchester actually came to Cornwall using these flights. And where their ongoing journeys took them to. Otherwise it just remains another thing for local people to be angry about.

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