Council staff finally told their jobs are on the line, as County Hall bosses sharpen the axe

Posted By on 9th September 2020

By Graham Smith Details are starting to emerge of the 200 job losses at Cornwall Council, as the authority tries to present its 2021 budget proposals as a positive idea.…

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  1. This has gradually become worse over a period of years. Kernow was sold down the river when we were made to have this dreadful so called Unitary authority. People thought that it would be an easier life for them to come to to our country and steel from us. Graduly over the last few years more and more of them have turned up in Kernow and are steeling as much as they can from us, and to do this they get rid of as many local staff as they can. It is not about saving us Kernewek money it is about how much they and their chums can steel from us to fill their own wallets.
    Why are our elected councillors falling for this scam.

  2. Why are our elected councillors doing this Tory Government’s dirty work? Surely they should at least make some pretence of resisting these cuts until they are forced into a corner and have no way out. At which point they should resign en masse.
    Francis Richens

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