Could there be a May Day revolution? Cornwall’s Conservatives start to think the unthinkable, as some want to declare “no confidence” in the council leader

Posted By on 22nd April 2018

22nd April 2018 By Graham Smith Regime-change could be on the cards for Cornwall Council.  Although a formal challenge to the council’s leadership is still only a theoretical possibility, the…

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  1. My previous council was West Dorset where the Lib Dems fought tooth and nail to get rid of the grossly undemocratic cabinet system, it seems they united on very few policies.

  2. I am very against the tone of this ‘coup’. It seems to me like a bribe for independents, giving them the chance to ‘earn’ an extra £18 grand for being a cabinet member. Surely we should be looking at what they are offering in terms of running the council more effectively, more democratically, listening to the people of Cornwall and their wishes, not just a Tory takeover by bribery and corruption of the independents. I do not have an independent councillor but if I did I would be very careful about who I gave my vote to in the next election.

  3. I can’t wait to see the back of the Liberal Democrats they are not to be trusted and I personally lost confidence in them as a party a long time ago.

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