Cornwall’s taxpayers lend Prince Charles £7.1 million, on top of £8.7 million contribution towards cost of new road

Posted By on 28th May 2018

28th May 2018 By Richard Whitehouse Cornwall Council has agreed to provide the Duchy of Cornwall with a £7.1million loan to help fund the building of a road through a…

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  1. £8.7 million contribution PLUS £7.1 million loan. Right. Another vanity project hoovering up £15.8 million pounds of Cornish Taxpayers money.

    That’s about £30 for each and every resident of Cornwall, working and not working, young and old. The very same people who need and want the services that Cornwall Council continue to reduce or remove, and which they reasonably expect to be funded by their taxes and Council Tax.

    But Paynter and his gang will yet again blame “savage Tory cuts” for the reduction in services, and will say “ah, but that’s different” when challenged to account for this road. But it’s not different, Cornwall Council make the decisions about where the money is spent.

    Cornwall Council, all by themselves, have decided to take £15.8 million of our money and give it to another vanity project. Grrrrr!

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