Cornwall’s new Accountable Care Organisation is ready for take-off: just sign on the dotted line for a completely new way to good health and a balanced budget

Posted By on 4th December 2017

4th December 2017 By Graham Smith The board of NHS Kernow will tomorrow (Tuesday) be asked to endorse the heads of agreement for setting up Cornwall’s “Accountable Care System” –…

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  2. I remember during the election for Councillors, how Kate Kennally kept harping on about how, ‘you don’t need any experience to be a councillor’ and now we know why! There is less opposition from clueless councillors.

    • This issue shows how just how powerless and ineffective our Cornwall Councillors really are. Very few have specialist knowledge to bring to the table and very few attend the Parish Council Meetings in their wards. There are exceptional Councillors and they are visible. Most are not. The bureaucrats can run circles around them. Bring on the Judicial Review and quickly.

  3. This is not democratic! This is autocratic! There is a judicial review taking place in England and yet Cornwall Council chooses to ignore this. Cornwall Council should be held to account and that includes every single Councillor. They were elected to represent their residents. They are failing us on every count. There is no transparency in this ‘deal’ and residents want to know why!

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  6. I don’t remember anyone who stood for election suggesting that Cornwall will be taken out of the NHS..This is a terrible option .It is a US idea which hasn’t worked there! I think the people of Cornwall need to be consulted before such a change happens .

  7. Running an area of the NHS, with all its oversight structures and budgetary accountability, is one thing. But taking all health provision in Cornwall into the private sector, to be run by a bunch of free-lancing near amateurs, is a risk too many.
    Cornwall wants to stay in the NHS and values its place in this national treasure.

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