Cornwall, the Final Frontier, and how to make “devolution” more inspirational than a stale fart

Posted By on 25th May 2018

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  1. Tourism tax and absolute must I think. I find myself conflicted on the over reliance on taking money from car parking too. It generates a lot of money, but we want to be discouraging car use where possible, but the authorities sort of need it to pay for things? So it is sort of encouraged maybe? So maybe other taxes like the tourism tax means CC could look at things differently……

  2. Some of this really did make me laugh out loud!! Well written. But the waste of opportunity is staggering and facts like we will still be dolling out public money to entrepreneurs for the space hub make it a farce. Our capacity to generate clean energy for our own use and to export to the rest of the region is there but it needs investment to the right people.

  3. I like the tourism tax very much, my wife and I have said a few times a £1 a night tax would not discourage anyone from coming to Cornwall and seeing the £25 million estimate makes me think the £75 million cut is a third better off immediately.
    Something more controversial, how about not prosecuting cannabis use? We could be the Amsterdam of southwest England, the coffee shop culture would get a huge boost and many more visitors would flock to Cornwall, paying the £1 a night tax willingly.

  4. Good piece…I find emissions from County Hall sadly lacking in imagination..and written in Orwellian Newspeak. (A planning department without the ability to plan).
    Without money and good ideas devolution is a waste of time…and more of the same. Radical thinking about what Cornwall could be other than a theme park with added agribusiness doesn’t seem possible .We could look at creating a Cornwall focused on sustainable development..not space ports and housing estates.

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