Cornwall heading for a deep blue rinse next May, if pollsters are right

Posted By on 3rd November 2020

By Julia Penhaligon The Conservatives are on course for a crushing victory in next May’s local council elections – if a highly detailed analysis of opinion polls is accurate. A…

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  1. I hate to tell Graham this, but we do not live in Pow Sows, we are Kernewek. We have always been independent minded, and when it comes to local elections we do as we wish, not what the Sowsnecks wish us to do. Of course if the Sowsnecks living in our country of Kernow do not like that, then I suggest they move back to Pow Sows. At this time we have far too many staff at county hall who have come down here from the Westminster swamp thinking that they will take us over. However the Sowsnecks are not very bright, and when it dawns on them that we will not put up with being bullied, they will clear off again.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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