Campaign launched for a “new Edward Hain hospital” – but health chiefs prefer their existing plan at Penzance

Posted By on 2nd December 2020

By Richard Whitehouse and Anne North A new campaign has been launched to build a new hospital to replace the Edward Hain hospital. Health chiefs confirmed the closure of the…

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  1. I hope any new beds are not at West Cornwall Hospital.
    Parking to access the hospital and out patients is dire for anyone with reduced mobility.
    I would prefer a new facility, on a bus route, close to a station, and with plenty of parking.
    Somewhere near St Erth Multi Modal Hub maybe, Handt for PZ Hayle and St Ives areas?

  2. Why have you not mentioned that the proposed new care home will be privately run? i.e patients will have to pay to be there. The slow but ubiquitous use of private companies within the NHS is something that the public has not yet fully recognised and it seems to me vitally important that this fact is made apparent.

  3. Your headline and comment is misleading. If you read what we’ve sent you and had listened to what i told you you will have been aware we have not presumed the new hospital should or will be in St Ives, but feel it’s too early to rule either St Ives or Penzance (or Hayle for that matter) out. I hope that helps.

    • Apologies, the headline and text now corrected. Perhaps another article would be useful – explaining why you think NHS Kernow’s current proposals (to utilise care beds at Penzance) is inadequate, would explain more precisely why you think a new hospital is needed.

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