Brexit meets Covid-19: Cornwall’s fishermen prepare for a perfect storm

Posted By on 4th November 2020

By Rashleigh MacFarlane Fish prices in Cornwall are expected to collapse tomorrow (Thursday) as the tourism and hospitality sectors shut down because of Covid-19.  MPs are due to vote on…

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  1. Is our Navy ready and willing to protect this country, from the countries that have been trying to take this country over for the few hundred years. So far we have always won. But this time our stupid government has down graded our armed forces, which is the wrong thing to have done to us tax payers. So the EU crooks had thought that they had won the war and had taken over our country. We have to stand up to them once again and if that means navy boats and heavy guns so be it. We can not allow these EU crooks to take over any part of our country, the seas around us, or to send us all their unwanted people.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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