All six of Cornwall’s MPs voted to legalise .50 cal sniper rifles, which can puncture armour more than a mile away

Posted By on 3rd December 2018

3rd December 2018 By Peter Tremayne All six of Cornwall’s MPs have voted in favour of allowing military-grade 0.50 cal weapons to be used by shooting enthusiasts.  One of those…

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  1. This article was corrected to change 50mm to 0.50 calibre and to add details from a Home Office briefing paper, published last year, which makes clear the destructive potential of 0.50 cal weapons.

  2. The article refers to 50mm which is incorrect I assume they are refering to which again the law did not specifically relate too but actually related to an upper limit on the muzzle velocity of rifles.

    Pictured is a semi automatic barrett .50cal which is illegal to own in the UK as are all semi automatic fullbore rifles and portrays the topic poorly.

    .50calibre rifles and other HME or High Muzzle Energy rifles of which the law relates are not able to pierce armour. The only way they pierce armour is by firing armour piercing or other specialist military ammunition. All of which is banned for civillian use already and so is irrelevent.

    Stating that they can puncture armour at 1 mile is grossly misstating the facts regarding range. There are very few people on the planet who can fire one of these rifles at a mile. Very few who can shoot one accurately at 1000m let alone so ridiculous a figure as a mile. This is not an action movie. Those who can shoot at a mile are limited really to military snipers who train that skill day in day out. All competitive shooting using .50calibre rifles is carried out at no further than 1000m due to this being the real limit of their effective range. Even with international competitors a hit is not guaranteed even on a large target at this range.

    The article also says MPs voted to legalise. Which is incorrect. They voted against banning them. They are as I said already legal and in use around the UK and have been so safely for more than 50 years.

    They are owned by around 150 people all of which own them for the purposes of competition, none of which have ever been used illegally or dangerously. There is no recorded crimes using legally owned or stolen .50cal weapons ever in the UK.

    The firearms licensing process is already incredibly stringent and involves a drawn out process of background, medical and personality checks. Interviews with police firearms staff personally within your own home, more than one secure safe for seperate storage of firearms and of ammunition, a good reason for owning each and every type of firearm etc.. None of which is changing or has been affected by this vote.

    I like many other firearms users and organisations would really benefit from you portraying our sport correctly and unbiasely in the future. I hope you can address the large inaccuracies in this article promptly so that further escalation is not required. I believe it would be beneficial for you as an independent press body to perhaps speak to FCSA UK the governing body for fifty calibre shooting here in the UK to provide some actual fact and information on the subject. Other organisations such as BASC, SACS, FirearmsUK can also provide you with a wealth of information and facts for you to use in your articles.

    Best Regards,
    Harry Jackson

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