Year Zero for Cornwall and Covid-19: all the new numbers start from here, as County Hall explains why it will not be publishing them

Posted By on 5th July 2020

By Julia Penhaligon This weekend’s tourist invasion marks the start of a completely new chapter in Cornwall’s Covid-19 encounter – with the battle for hearts and minds moving sharply into…

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  1. This bamboozling and convoluting coming out of the staff at County council, makes it obvious that we are being run by ex staff of MI5 It is obvious to me that these people have come to our country of Kernow from the Westminster swamp with the full intention of taking over our Kernow for their own pockets. Some business people will happily go along with this, as they are here to run a business so as to make money. It does not occur to them that putting us locals in health danger, also effects them and their family.

  2. Cornwall Council seem time and again very keen to withhold information from the folk they serve. Often information any reasonable person would expect to be disclosed. The condensed reasons supplied for non disclosure could be summarised thus; “Not in the public interest” and the other old chestnut “commercially sensitive information”. I note that many other local authorities are far more open in sharing. Cornwall Reports please keep prodding.

  3. Those holding up the offensive sign in your photograph (predictably hiding their faces) should not be given coverage.. Shame on Cornwall Reports for giving them the oxygen of publicity and giving the impression that they speak for the residents of Cornwall.

  4. It is regrettable that offence slogans that are quasi racist are publicised

    Anyone breaking the guideline should be admonished ( visitors or resident) , but blanket abuse is a blot on the Cornish reputation of being polite, if not welcoming and tolerant people

    Target messaging at those not meeting guidelines not the vast majority of innocent law abiding citizens

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