Will County Hall invite Virgin to take over Cornwall’s public health nursing? A new contract is needed from next year

Posted By on 9th March 2018

9th March 2018 By Graham Smith Public health nursing in Cornwall – long seen as a cornerstone of preventing serious ill-health through timely intervention – could be about to undergo…

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  1. If this doesnt flag up why the move towards County Council setting up an organisation or system to handle health & social care is such a bad one – what is? They are not looking to provide but OUTSOURCE. This is appalling.

    Councillors should be standing up now to protect Cornwall’s population from yet more private company control. Private Companies exist for one reason and one reason only – profit. And that must be made as top priority. That is not rocket science. How Conservative MPs, Councillors can defend the wholemeal destruction of the NHS through their blinkered idealogy is beyond me

    • I am concerned that the council simply does not understand how complex health care is and how crucial public health nursing is in the system. This isn’t just about child development, it is also about child protection, maternal health, adolescent mental health and a whole raft of other issues that currently practioners prevent or recognise early. It is more important than ever in a time of austerity and social exclusion.

  2. As a former health visitor this appals me. I know the hard work, skill and intellectual expertise that is brought to health visiting and district nursing. It cannot be managed within the confines of a business model on a profit making basis. How dare Virgin have the arrogance to think they are capable of managing a complex and highly sensitive service. And doubtless the professionals’ salaries will not take priority over the shareholder dividends!!

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