Why we voted against the National Farmers Union on the Agriculture Bill – Cornwall’s MPs put their case

Posted By on 15th October 2020

By Richard Whitehouse Some of Cornwall’s MPs have explained why they voted against an amendment to an Agriculture Bill which critics say would have protected food standards in the UK.…

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  1. I agree Karen. Why on earth would the lords have asked for amendments if they were entirely unnecessary!! The Cornish MPs will be proved wrong on this but we are the ones who unwittingly will be buying food full of horrendous chemicals and worse.

  2. So we have to accept and trust that in any future trade deals the Government will stick to its manifesto and protect UK from lower standards of imports? And then allow Parliament to have the final say on a deal ??? When the government has an 80 seat majority. NO NO NO ! UK farming needs legislative protection from an opportunistic government.

    And …. more importantly …. UK farmers need protection from cheaper imports produced to much lower environmental standards. According to Steve Double, we should be doing trade deals with any country regardless of whether they burn the Amazon, overuse pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. This not only threatens the health of the planet and our children, but will put our farmers under enormous pressure of competition from pverseas produce flooding a market where there is an inadequate labelling system to let us know how the food we buy is produced. The livelhoods of our farmers rests on a knife edge and the hope that Tory backbenches will rebel. Sadly, none of our 6 Tory MPs have the gumption for that!

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