What’s the best way to spend £1.2 billion? Councillors seek to debate the “pasty pound” and put the brakes on outsourcing expansion

Posted By on 30th June 2020

By Anne North Battle lines have been drawn for a major political battle at County Hall next week over how Cornwall Council spends its £1.2 billion budget. A cross-party motion…

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  1. Any paid (unelected) official even suggesting the elected councillors should not get a vote, should be told to clear their desks and get out, up to and including the CEO.

  2. Ever noticed how busy the A30 heading OUT of Cornwall was (before the pandemic) at Friday lunchtime? That’s the outsourced employees from the big “framework agreement” suppliers going back home upcountry after working the week in Cornwall. Cornwall Council is already a net exporter of employment from the county.

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