We haven’t given up on mining courses at Penryn, insists Exeter University

Posted By on 7th September 2020

By Rashleigh MacFarlane The University of Exeter has insisted that it intends to provide “a strong future for mining” despite halting new undergraduate admissions at its Penryn campus. The symbolically…

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  1. The only university training up our so much needed important miners for the mines that we will have to open in the very near future here in Kernow because the minerals we have here are only found in a couple of countries. Without these minerals there will be no more wind turbines or solar panels. This is the only university that we will not be able to survive without.
    You can not dig for minerals with a computer, that needs actual human beings.
    To save money we should shut all the useless so called universities around the country, and put the youth of today back to work, on our farms, and then down our new mines, where we actually need workers. Also put the brainless so called professors back to actual work. That would terrify the idle idiots.
    Elizabeth Hawken

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