Under the hammer: the many mansions of Cornwall Council

Posted By on 1st December 2020

By Graham Smith A major rationalisation of Cornwall Council’s vast property portfolio is due to take a significant step forward next week when councillors scrutinise plans to sell offices around…

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  1. 500 “new” construction jobs are not new jobs at all. They are existing construction workers taking up jobs on these projects for a couple of years.
    Also since the build projects are phased there are probably fewer than 300 jobs at any one time. 500 sounds like the total number of short term jobs that will be spread over a ten year period.

  2. The fact that 600 employees applied for voluntary redundancy does NOT mean that there is potential for further job cuts. It means that over 10% of staff are dissatisfied enough with their conditions to make a leap into the unknown. There are already not enough employees to fulfil the communities need for council services. Presumably a still larger percentage are unhappy with their conditions but can’t afford to leave. That is the first problem the council needs to deal with.

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