Two thirds full or one third empty? Colliford reservoir lost 2.4% of its water last week

Posted By on 16th June 2023

By Rashleigh MacFarlane

Cornwall’s main reservoir is now down to 66% capacity, a fall in water level of 2.4% in a week.

The decline is despite South West Water continuing to take supplies from local lakes and rivers.

Last year water supplies became critical in July until remarkably heavy rains in November.

Compared with last year, Cornwall has seen “wetter” months in January, March and April but “drier” months in February and May.  So far, June is on course to be the driest month since records began.

The additional demands of the tourism industry are still to come.  At nearly half way through the calendar year, Cornwall has received barely 40% of its average annual rainfall.

South West Water’s failure to invest in adequate storage and distribution means Cornwall is particularly vulnerable in the event of several weeks of dry weather.

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