Two of Cornwall’s MP finally speak about Dominic Cummings – but don’t say very much

Posted By on 27th May 2020

By Julia Penhaligon Two of Cornwall’s MPs have finally spoken publicly about the Dominic Cummings affair – the Prime Minister’s personal political advisor who helped write the Covid-19 lockdown rules,…

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  1. Dominic Cummings. He should be heavily fined and should have had his car taken away, as has happened to several people from up country trying to get into Cornwall during the lockdown, but stopped by the police. But loose his job? No way. If he was a plumber or a hairdresser would MP’s still be saying sack him? In his case it looks like a case of political spite.
    Why can’t these MP’s get on with something useful in these tough times instead of trying to stir up trouble to score political points.

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