Truro’s future: fewer car parks will mean fewer cars, and less traffic congestion. At least, that’s the theory

Posted By on 19th December 2019

By Richard Whitehouse A senior Cornwall councillor has said that the council’s strategy is to reduce parking provision in Truro in a bid to stop people driving into the city.…

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  1. First of all, Truro is a TOWN where people live and the rights of those residents should come first. Truro should not be a cash cow for Cornwall Council or the shopping centre for Cornwall. I am a resident who has NO access to parking, unless I can afford to pay over £800 to the council. In the interests of the environment I have given up my car and joined co cars. I think people must accept that the days of personal transport are over. Car parking spaces are unoccupied most of the time and significantly add to the footprint of any development. Climate change is real and people have to make a few sacrifices – god knows they are minor compared to people loosing their homes, liveliehoods etc in some parts of the world. The Pydar St development provides a proper neighbourhood – multigenerational, live/work, open spaces, space for nature and Community space, sadly lacking in Truro since the city hall was stolen from us!

  2. Cllr. MArtin Alvey’s comments are very apposite for the people of Penryn & Falmouth. Any small town that calls itself a City should be prepared to think like a city. I have frequently visited Cambridge that has one of the most comprehensive and successful Park & Ride schemes in the country – P&R services accessible from any point of the compass.

    Conversely, Truro’s parking schemes have been developed piecemeal over many years, with no consideration for the residents of Penryn & Falmouth who have to pass by Truro to access the rest of the county or enter Truro via the three roads (Arch Hill, Highertown, & Morlaix Avenue routes),that are already substandard for the volumes of traffic. I have been using the Highertown route to visit Treliske recently. To be avoided. This leads to numerous vehicles using the back roads & causing rural danger and congestion. To suggest that Falmouth drivers access the existing Park and Rides simply adds to the chaos of the Highways Department’s short-term blinkered planning.

    More short-sighted thinking when all of the adjacent developments are completed with no increased capacity – just greater traffic volumes as more estate linked junctions are introduced.

    Cornwall councillors, planners and traffic officers seem to have forgotten that the Falmouth/ Penryn conurbation has a greater population than the whole of Truro. It is about time that they engaged in some joined-up thinking and provided a Park and ride facility to the SOUTH of Truro & Arch Hill, with dedicated bus lanes – BEFORE they even consider building the Moresk site. There are a lot of customers to the south that will be by-passing Truro – however long it takes to crawl past this backward looking SMALL TOWN thinking nightmare.

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